Picture taken by Hope Mackenzie for Penn Hype

Hi, I'm a senior at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Engineering and Applied Science pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree in Computer Science. I'm currently a TA for CIS 110 (Intro to Computer Science), President of Penn Hype Dance Crew, and a Tricker.

I'm interested in all aspects of the web, from front-end design to the network infrastructure that supports the cloud. As a web developer I have had experience writing both clientside (HTML, CSS, JS) and serverside (Java, Node, SQL) code and am always looking to expand my horizons. I've also worked in iOS, distributed systems (Java), and graphics programming (C++). In my free time, I aspire to push the physical boundaries of my beloved sport called Tricking.


Software Engineering Intern
WillowTree, Inc. ~ Summer 2017

CIS 110 Teaching Assistant
University of Pennsylvania ~ September 2016 - Present

Game Development Intern
Brav Conflict Management ~ Summer 2016

Front-End Web Developer
The Daily Pennsylvanian ~ February 2016 - Present


Tricking Survey - Single page web application that consists of data visualizations that represent the Tricking Community based on a survey I sent out to the world tricking facebook page in 2016.
Solo Project
with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (D3.js) - Ongoing Project

Group Board - IOS application that allows users to record and save audio files that get displayed as tiles with customizable images. Audio and image files stored on firebase.
Solo Project
with Swift.

Network Traffic Measurement of Big Data Analytics - Study on the network traffic patterns of graph applications such as PageRank, Single Source Shortest Path, and Connected Components implemented using Pregel+ and ran on a 5 machine cluster.
# of Team Members: 2
with Hadoop/Pregel+

Flying Mantis Search Engine - Final project for CIS 555 (Internet and Web Systems). I developed the search engine as a Java Servlet running on our own implementation of a Jetty-like server that ran on an AWS EC2 instance. Able to retrieve search results from our AWS RDS instance in 0.7 - 1.2 ms (improved after submission) along with search results from Amazon using Amazon's Product Advertising API. Used AJAX to dynamically update the page as searches are made and to avoid page refreshes.
# of Team Members: 4
with Java, JavaScript/AJAX, HTML, CSS, and SQL

Penn Course Review Data - Web Project for The Daily Pennsylvanian where we answered questions that Penn students might ask about their academics/course experiences through graphics and articles. I helped write the front end design as well as some of the interactive graphics.
# of Team Members: 2
with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (D3.js).

Mini-Minecraft - Created a miniature version of Minecraft in a team of three. Created infinite procedurally generated terrain using a pseudo-random noise algorithm called Perlin-Noise , implemented texture mapping using OpenGL, and also implemented biomes.
# of Team Members: 3
with C++ and OpenGL.

You can view more of my projects on GitHub

Tricking / Martial Arts

Since the age of 5, I have been practicing the martial art of Taekwondo. At 9 I started competing in the American Taekwondo Association (ATA) Tournament Circuit and fell in love with what is known as "Extreme Martial Arts" or XMA. XMA is a division where competitiors combine traditional techniques with flashy acrobatics in a choreographed form to music of their choice. This naturally led me to my beloved sport of Tricking.

The most common definition of Tricking is "a combination of martial arts kicks with gymnastics flips and twists". But to me and many other trickers around the world, its a lifestyle. Thanks to Taekwondo and Tricking I have learned and applied valuable skills such as discipline and perseverance to everything I do in life.

Fortunately, my efforts in Tricking have recently allowed for me to be invited to events as a special guest where I teach seminars and share training tips with others.

In the past few years I have competed on ESPN3, 3 times, won 2 XMA world championships, been a special guest at TrickStrong Gathering's 2, 3, and 4, a special guest at Euphoria Fall Gathering 2016, and most recently have competed on Adrenaline WorldWide 6

The 2016 Tricking Survey

In my spring 2016 semester at Penn I took the course "Information Design & Visualization" (FNAR 337) where I explored the concept of data visualization. For my final project I chose to tackle my passion for tricking. I sent out a survey to the global tricking page on Facebook and with the results I created this website. I call it, The Tricking Survey. It is a composition of many graphics I created with the answers to the survey using React, SCSS, and D3.js.

Tricking Survey Screenshot